Our team has a wide range of interests and experiences in both marketing and our personal lives.
We believe our differences spark creativity and our similarities make us work exceptionally well together.
We are a close-knit, passionate and well-rounded team, always ready for a new marketing challenge.



Pure magic. That’s one way to describe Blu Sky’s founder and fearless leader. One could say she acquired her ability to captivate an audience during her early years as an apprentice to one of Chicago’s world-renown magicians, but others would attribute it to her 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, pulling brilliant projects out of her hat for all her consumer and B2B accounts. For the past 10 years, Kirsten has owned her own ad agency and supported local charities, waving her magic wand and surrounding herself with a team of talented, creative and strategic individuals who continue to help her grow brands right before client’s eyes! A linguaphile with a love for interior design and cooking, Kirsten can be found working up a sweat running or biking while she practices her French. Be sure to preorder tickets to her Paris magic show coming soon.


Vice President Brand Strategy

Being able to bring together a variety of elements in just the right way to create something memorable and sought-after. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between Lisa’s skills as a baker and a brand creator and strategist for Blu Sky. Her marketing knowledge and creative brain power have helped fuel some of our more intensive strategic meetings, as well as her cookies. From spending quality time with her family to walking her dogs to curling up with a good book, Lisa is famous for her ability to unwind and for her delicious cookies. Rounding out her ‘renaissance woman’ resume is her amazing copywriting skills and her Zumba dance moves which keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground and far away from her fear of heights.

Bill Hetrick

Sales and Marketing Manager

An acrophobic, mountain biking maven and family man, Bill is also Blu Sky’s Sales and Marketing Manager, second in command of overall operations. He is the proverbial “glue” that brings together creatives, clients and vendors, making sure our ship is running smoothly. With 10 years experience in Product Marketing, Sales Support and cleaning up after his kids at home, Bill has been the champion of streamlining and organizing day to day projects and making sure products are supported for all major brands he has worked for including Home Depot, TEC and DEWALT. When Bill is not nurturing and developing new business opportunities for Blu Sky, he is usually in his garden, nurturing and developing new batches of tomatoes while listening to the sounds of NPR.


Creative Director

A former mermaid from Northern Italy, Lido is Blu Sky’s international creative director extraordinaire. When she is not reliving her underwater past while swimming laps at her neighborhood pool, she can either be found growing her own little jungle at home, perfecting her green thumb or mesmerizing on-lookers with her Salsa dancing. Her passion for creating awarding-winning designs and logos is only matched by her skill over the paintbrush and canvas when she creates works of art that rival the Italian masters who came before her.


Executive Producer Digital Media

Blu Sky’s resident globe-trotter and executive producer of digital media, Vicky has a love for people, places and the stories they have to tell. From catching up on current events with locals at a neighborhood coffee shop to listening to the life story of a poet while sitting near the Banks of the Seine, her undivided attention for people has helped her create world-class video and social media content. When she is not getting her passport stamped for the 100th time, she can usually be found front row, center stage crowd surfing to support her favorite band or binge-watching all the documentaries in her Netflix queue.


Video Director / Editor

If you find Joe snickering at you while you and your family attempt to complete a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle or rolling his eyes as he passes you by while you sit in your lawn chair watching the Shriner Clowns ride by on their abnormally small mopeds in the neighborhood parade, don’t be too offended. Joe is a man of laser-pointed focus when he knows what he likes in life: Movies and Cooking. As Blu Sky’s video director, editor and cameraman for 10 years, he has consistently produced videos worthy of any award show accolades. We are still waiting to be invited over for dinner to see if his cooking skills are award-worthy.


Website Developer

Caroline is the Master. Holder of a black belt in Tai Chi and website development for the past 20 years. Her dedication shows she is a person who is always looking to grow and learn. From her love of history and cultures to jigsaw puzzles and origami, Caroline has a very evident desire for creative learning and problem-solving. When she’s not challenging herself, she’s embarking on a massive raid or quest with her family in World of Warcraft and parachuting out of airplanes. Gamer, master, artist and adrenaline junkie, Blu Sky is definitely glad to have such a passionate web
developer in our real-world “guild”.


Website Developer

Around these parts, Tim is known as the “computer whisperer”. With 8 years as a Blu Sky Web programmer, he has been the electronic glue to keep many of our clients’ websites functioning smoothly and without any digital hiccups. Reliable, knowledgeable and capable of solving any challenge thrown at him, Tim is fluent in the various dialects of computers. However, seeing a world as ones and zeroes is not the only way he finds joy — music is the other language that speaks to his heart.