Working on a creative project often requires some structural outlines to frame up your project goals. This effort is commonly called a creative brief. The creative brief itself can take on different shapes and contains a wide degree of details. For small projects, a one-page outline of the work to be completed and an image for reference works nicely. It’s probably true that a one-page outline is more detail than most creative teams receive on any project.

What about larger projects like a web site, product launch or rebranding campaign that requires working with external creatives or agencies who might not know your brand or business category very well? When working on large creative projects, developing a robust creative brief will likely result in better creative quality, more efficiencies in project management and a reduction of revisions.

We believe the value of the creative brief in the client-agency relationship can not be overstated. It serves as a tool to extract strategic planning and translate ideas into creative deliverables. The creative brief is only limited by the effort put into drafting the document itself. 

To help our clients build out their creative brief, our team developed a presentation titled, “How to Build a Better Creative Brief”. As the title implies, we’ve broken down the brief process and review each step with the goal of building a structural outline for creative projects.

Take sections of our creative brief to help build your own brief process, or go through the whole deck to create a brief for your next project. However you extract value, we wish you success with your next creative project, and would love to hear feedback.

Download a PDF of “How to Build a Better Creative Brief” – then build your own!

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Photo by Tanialee Gonzalez on Unsplash.