The use of video to sell products or services continues to explode. Why? Videos are engaging, multi-
sensory, and fast and easy to consume. For marketers good videos captivate target audiences and
are now easier than ever to produce. Here are some current growth stats for video on social media:

  • Video views on Twitter have grown 220x from May 2019 to May of 2020
  • Tweets with videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos
  • Facebook Live video content has risen by 50% since January 2020
  • 1 in 10 video marketers have tried TikTok and 66% of them have seen success
  • Native LinkedIn videos get shared 20x more than other types of content
  • Live video is the third most popular social media tactic brands will use in 2020
  • The top three purchase driving platforms are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • 93% of social video views happen on mobile and right now video consumption on mobile is growing 100% per year

To understand marketing with social media platforms, it’s helpful to think in these terms:

  • Social platforms are free channels of content, like TV, but free
  • Social platforms are highly engaging websites that have very successful apps
  • Consumers discover, share or buy what you’re selling on these channels

Purchase patterns support using video – 93% of businesses have landed a new customer because of
a video posted on their social channel. Consumers have a 95% message retention rate from watching
a video, so using videos on every type of social channel is warranted. No matter which social channel
you choose for your video content, the first goal must be to capture potential customers’ attention in
order to sell your product or service.

Most marketing plans are already fully embracing social videos – 85.5% of marketers publish social
video content. If you haven’t added video to each of your social marketing channels, you’re missing
out on a big opportunity. The time to start making videos is now, 91% of marketers are satisfied with
the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social. If you need to jump-start audience engagement or
build on what you have, produce more videos.

To produce the best videos possible, remember to address the following key elements for the three
most important video platforms:

  • Videos must work on mobile. In addition to the 100% growth/year for mobile video consumption, 70%
    of global YouTube watch time is happening on smartphones and tablets. Make sure your video
    production team creates for mobile.
  • When you publish video to Facebook, consider adding captions or shooting your video so it is not
    dependent on sound. On Facebook, 85% of people prefer to watch videos without sound.
  • Finally, don’t underestimate how videos can drive sales, as 25% of consumers made a purchase after
    seeing a Story on Instagram. Your product videos should drive sales and enhance your brand.

Videos can improve just about every part of the customer experience with your brand from reducing
their need to wait for support on the phone, to helping them find information while shopping online or
in a store, or to demonstrating your product or service’s use. On the marketing side, videos increase
brand engagement and website traffic which can be leveraged for promoting the brand to others or
gaining additional sales.

To create or improve video content for your product or service, contact us.