Responsive logos are kind of a thing these days. Why? Well, we all look at brands on many different platforms including mobile, desktop, tablet, watches, etc. With screen sizes shrinking and varying, logos must be versatile and flexible. With that versatility, comes the need for the logo to be recognizable in every use.

Responsive logos challenge designers to think about how to interpret the brand across many channels and how they are seen by different audiences. Gone are the days where one logo would work for everything. As technology changes, a responsive logo keeps the brand’s identity relevant, consistent, enduring and recognizable.

There are many ways to create a responsive logo. Reducing and simplifying the elements in your logo is one way – consider which parts of the logo are most recognizable and which can be eliminated. Exploring the size and peeling away decorative details is another approach at minimizing the logo. And finally, when you design the smallest responsive logo, play around with one single thing that is the most memorable. Whichever direction you take, work to maintain your brand standard.   

Are your logos responsive? Do you need help reducing and exploring options? Contact us and let us know how we can help.