A Look at Responsive Logos

2020-05-20T18:27:44-05:00By |Branding, Creative Agency, Logo Design|

Responsive logos are kind of a thing these days. Why? Well, we all look at brands on many different platforms including mobile, desktop, tablet, watches, etc. With screen sizes shrinking and varying, logos must be versatile and flexible. With that versatility, comes the need for the logo to be recognizable in every use. Responsive logos [...]

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5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Marketing Agency Relationship 

2019-04-09T07:44:29-05:00By |Branding, Creative Agency, Logo Design, Website Design|

Though somewhat counterintuitive, one of the most challenging aspects of working with a marketing agency is telling them exactly what you want. That’s why it’s so important to put some structure around the working relationship with your agency. Here are some simple ways to make sure that you, the client, get what you need, and [...]

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